Sunday, December 23, 2018

Marketing: The Emotionally Intelligent Experience

The Customer Experience (CX) is all the current rage in boardrooms and in tandem with CX is a new training criteria called 'Emotional Intelligence' (EI). 

EI training is aimed at heightening staff awareness to customers' needs and is required for all levels of management, but particularly upper management and marketing staff.

EI focuses on six core skills: vulnerability, self-belief, connection, anticipation, authenticity, and perseverance.  The purpose is to alleviate customer anxiety by responding to and anticipating the  stress-points people can experience when dealing with your business.

By properly using EI,  management becomes better at recognizing cues in customer behavior and uses this knowledge to foster natural and authentic connections with customers.

Customers want and will return to a brand not only because the products or services are good but because they feel that they are understood and have a sense of belonging. Customers are far more likely to continue using a service and to praise it if they feel this connection.

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EI is also being used in business negotiations.  No longer a battle of the wills and who blinks first, business negotiations are now nuanced. EI builds relationships of trust, anticipating feelings and providing sensitivity for productive feedback.

Think of EI as an adjunct to your eMotive marketing strategy and branding components.

by:  Jim Lavorato, Principal
Fund-House Ventures, LLC

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