Sunday, December 23, 2018


The top concern of Social Marketers is to find out the ROI on their marketing outlays. Polls tell us that over 55% of social marketers want to know what their marketing ROI is.  Unfortunately, this financial measurement is still very illusive. 

Only 14% of social marketers are able to quantify the revenue generated from social media. So, if you do use social media to market your business look for non-financial criteria - specifically, such things as brand awareness, community engagement, upping web traffic, and increasing sales/leads.

Also, many polls have demonstrated that consumers are looking for content that feels authentic to the brand and not just an ad to push product.  So produce content that educates, tells a story, or inspires. To that end you need to have ads that: push discounts/sales, showcase new products/services, and/or videos that instruct. If consumers, on social platforms, feel they are being 'sold to' they are much less likely to watch your content/ad. 

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Consumers are weary of ads, so it is imperative that brands have a firm grasp on the story they are telling in their ads. Social videos shouldn't be self-serving or laced with sales jargon, but offer real stories, people and situations.

Jim Lavorato, Principal
Fund-House Ventures, LLC

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