Friday, September 22, 2017

The 'PITCH' - How To Make It Successful

Be it for wooing investors, selling to clients, lining up vendors, or convincing a myriad of people that your business is viable, reliable, and trust worthy - the Pitch is all important.  In many cases, it's the make or break of the business and you have only one shot at it.

So, getting the Pitch right is requisite. Here are the steps you need to make your Pitch successful:

  • Choose your words very, very carefully.
  • Know your 'Pitch To' client. Who are your pitching to and what are their needs.
  • Pitch to the right people. Are you pitching to a decision-maker.
  • Craft a Call-to-Action. Direct the pitch to an end goal by, ie setting up a follow-up meeting.
  • Be Unique. Stay professional but stir-up curiosity and interest.
  • Be Personable. Stodgy, begging, hungry is not the way to portray yourself/business.
  • Be Informal and Personal. Perhaps share something about your life/business.
  • Have a Central Idea. Be concise. Have a central point and repeat it throughout the Pitch.
  • Avoid Metaphors in describing your business, it will only degrade you and your idea.
  • Don't Be a Wise-ass. It's not about you. If possible, Pitch a team approach.
  • Define the Target Audience. 'What's in it for them'. Check out their social sites prior to Pitch.
  • Rehearse Often. A Pitch should never sound like it is scripted.
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Remember: Pitching is not easy. It takes time to prepare, time to rehearse, and time to properly present. Forget about the 30 second elevator Pitch, that was a 'not to bright idea' from some management consultant who obviously never gave a real Pitch. A Pitch should be concise and to-the-point - don't ramble, but cover all of your central points (which should never be more than three).

Fund-House Hint: All great Pitches start with a Question!

Jim Lavorato

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